Completion of our social investment in Block V


In accordance with our public commitment made in June 2014, SOCO fulfilled the promise made to local inhabitants to deliver our social investment programmes.

These commitments, all of which are now fully completed, included:


Completed - installation of potable water facilities

  • 20 solar-powered water purification stations; output of 10,000 litres per day per station.
  • Installation across 6 villages
  • The water project was selected after listening to the local communities and leaders’ reports of frequent outbreaks of cholera and other diseases associated with poor drinking water.
  • Sites were carefully assessed for suitability.
  • Installation has been approved by ICCN (the managers of Virunga National Park).
  • Handover to the local communities was completed in February 2015.




Completed 2013 - Rehabilitation of a dilapidated road between Nyakakoma and Ishasha

  • Repairs to 28 km of road, using local labour, has greatly improved transport to and from the villages of Ishasha and Nyakakoma in the DRC.



2013 - Disease Mapping Campaign to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

  • This is the first disease mapping of Neglected Tropical Diseases to be carried out in North Kivu.

  •  Disease mapping is essential for health authorities to plan interventions against neglected tropical diseases on a national scale across the DRC. 

  •  “Thanks to the support of SOCO International, integrated mapping for the provinces of Nord and Sud Kivi …[was completed at the]… end of December 2013 after which The Ministry of Health in DRC… launch[ed] the NTD Master Plan In January 2014. The results of the NTD coordinated mapping have been fundamental to increase political commitment.” END Fund CEO, Ellen Agler




Completed 2013 - Provision of a Medical Team

  • In collaboration with its medical aid partners, SOCO provided a medical team to villages located on the southern shores of Lake Edward.
  • The team included a consultant surgeon, a family physician and a hospital manager. Training was also given to the local medical staff.~

  • The team treated more than 300 patients.



Completed 2013 - Installation of a Communications Mast

  • The construction of a communications mast in Nyakakoma village supplied the infrastructure to access radio and telecoms signals.
  • During an oil exploration project, telecoms infrastructure is usually provided at a more advance stage of activity; however, after listening to the local community and consulting with the local authorities and national government, the Company agreed to install the mast at an early stage.
  • Considerations put forward by the local communities included the issues of isolation on the lake during fishing and the remoteness of the region.





ICCN (the park wardens' organisation which manages the Virunga National Park) is the ‘Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature’ and is commonly referred to as The Congolese Wildlife Authority  or The Congolese Institute for 


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