HSES Policies

Our corporate social responsibility vision is translated into the five policies of our SOCO HSES Management System:

Performance Standards

The SOCO HSES MS is consistent with the requirements of the internationally recognised standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Going forward, as international standards evolve, we continue to review our procedures to ensure we remain consistent with the most current standards.

The SOCO HSES MS requirements are aligned with those of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) (‘IFC World Bank Group’) and provide the framework for implementing the IFC World Bank Group Performance Standards (2012).

Sphere of Influence

SOCO partners with other businesses and with host governments, typically through their national oil companies. This means that our sphere of influence varies by our degree of ownership, operatorship and influence (see Table B) and we tailor our approach to each individual project. Where
we are the Operator and our influence is high, we can fully implement the SOCO HSES MS. Where we are the joint operator we use our influence to assess the targeted performance standards and, if relevant, to bring about alignment to the SOCO HSES MS.


Pharos Energy plc is aware of attempts to impersonate the company under its previous name, SOCO International plc, on social media. Pharos does not have a Facebook page.