RNS Number : 4451B
16 April 2012

SOCO International plc ('SOCO' or the 'Company')


In accordance with Rule 5.2 of the Prospectus Rules, SOCO submits its annual information update.  The following information has been published or made available to the public between 1 April 2011 and 16 April 2012. All information referred to below was provided at a specific date and now may be out of date.



All of the documents listed below were published via RNS. Copies of these

documents can be obtained from the Market News section of the London Stock Exchange website (www.londonstockexchange.com) and also from the Company’s website  (www.socointernational.com).

Date                         Regulatory Headline

16/04/2012                Annual Report & Accounts and Notice of Meeting

16/04/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

12/04/2012                Director/PDMR Shareholding

02/04/2012                Total Voting Rights

14/03/2012                Outline of Proposed Work Plan in Block V, DRC

14/03/2012                Preliminary Results

01/03/2012                Total Voting Rights

31/01/2012                Total Voting Rights

30/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

27/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

18/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

17/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

16/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

13/01/2012                Close Period Share Repurchase Programme

13/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

12/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

11/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

10/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

09/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

06/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

05/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

04/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

04/01/2012                Director/PDMR Shareholding

03/01/2012                Transaction in Own Shares

03/01/2012                Total Voting Rights

22/12/2011                Operations Update

20/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

19/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

16/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

15/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

14/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

13/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

12/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

12/12/2011                Close Period Repurchase Programme

09/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

09/12/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

09/12/2011                Blocklisting Interim Review

09/12/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

08/12/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

07/12/2011                Convertible Bonds

01/12/2011                Total Voting Rights

29/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

28/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

28/11/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

25/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

24/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

23/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

22/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

21/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

18/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

17/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

01/11/2011                Transaction in Own Shares

01/11/2011                Interim Management Statement

14/10/2011                Close period repurchase programme

05/10/2011                Operations Update

30/09/2011                Total Voting Rights

30/09/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

09/09/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

07/09/2011                Operations Update

05/09/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

24/08/2011                Half Year Results

22/08/2011                TGT Field Produces First Oil

30/06/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

23/06/2011                Directorate Changes

23/06/2011                Result of AGM

10/06/2011                Blocklisting Interim Review

16/05/2011                Director/PDMR Shareholding

16/05/2011                Interim Management Statement

05/05/2011                Vietnam Operations Update

21/04/2011                Annual Report & Accounts and Notice of Meeting

04/04/2011                Annual Information Update




The following documents were filed with the Registrar of Companies, copies of which can be obtained from Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ or from the Companies House website, www.companieshouse.gov.uk:


Date                     Type                     Description

02/04/2012            SH01                     22/03/12 Statement  of Capital GBP 17041522.6

15/03/2012            AD01                    Registered Office Changed On 15/03/2012

15/03/2012            SH01                     01/03/12 Statement  of Capital GBP 17034972.6

07/03/2012            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares                                                          02/02/12 Treasury Capital GBP 1170654.35

06/02/2012            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares                                                          23/01/12 Treasury Capital GBP 1165314.95

31/01/2012            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares
                                                         18/01/12 Treasury Capital GBP 1154142.6

31/01/2012            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares                                                          11/01/12 Treasury Capital GBP 687892.6

30/01/2012            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares                                                          23/12/11 Treasury Capital GBP 675392.6

27/01/2012            SH04                     15/06/06 Treasury Capital GBP 63845.9

26/01/2012            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares

                                                         02/12/11 Treasury Capital GBP 209945.9

06/01/2012            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares

                                                         18/12/11 Treasury Capital GBP 194016.5

12/12/2011            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares                                                          28/11/11 Treasury Capital GBP 176225

01/12/2011            SH03                     Return  of Purchase  of Own Shares                                                          04/11/11 Treasury Capital GBP 153725

13/10/2011            AR01                     30/09/11 Full List

15/09/2011            SH01                     09/09/11 Statement  of Capital GBP 17026972.6

12/09/2011            MEM/ARTS           Articles  of Association

11/07/2011            AP01                     Director Appointed Michael Charles Johns

08/07/2011            RES08                  Authority to Purchase Shares Out  of Capital

08/07/2011            RES10                  Authorised Allotment  of Shares And Debentures

08/07/2011            TM01                     Appointment Terminated, Director Martin Roberts

08/07/2011            TM01                     Appointment Terminated, Director Peter Kingston

06/07/2011            MG02                    Declaration  of Satisfaction in Full or in Part  of a                                                          Mortgage or Charge /Full /Charge No 1

23/06/2011            AA                        Group  of Companies' Accounts made up to 31/12/10



The following documents were submitted to the Financial Services Authority National Storage Mechanism portal during the period.  Copies can be downloaded from the National Storage Mechanism website, www.Hemscott.com/nsm.do


Effective Date     Document

13/04/2012        Shareholder Circular, including a Notice of Annual General Meeting

13/04/2012        Form of Proxy (AGM 13/06/2012)

31/12/2011        Annual Report and Accounts 2011

23/06/2011        AGM Resolutions Passed

21/04/2011        Shareholder Circular, including a Notice of Annual General Meeting

21/04/2011        Form of Proxy (AGM 23/06/2011)

31/12/2010        Annual Report and Accounts 2010


In accordance with Article 27(3) of the Prospectus Directive Regulation, it is acknowledged that whilst the information referred to above was up to date at the time of publication, such disclosures may, at any time, become out of date due to changing circumstances.


Pharos Energy plc is aware of attempts to impersonate the company under its previous name, SOCO International plc, on social media. Pharos does not have a Facebook page.