Our People

Overall objective: To ensure the health, safety, security and welfare of our employees and those with whom we work.

Our objective is to ensure the health, safety, security and welfare of our employees and those with whom we work. Our Code commits us to protecting the health and safety of our workforce, to providing a workplace free of discrimination where diversity is valued and to ensure that we consult and engage with our employees. Key issues for us in 2018 included: occupational health and safety; major accident prevention; diversity and local capacity building.

Occupational health and safety

Safety is the highest priority in our business and we are committed to operating safely and responsibly at all times and to providing a safe and healthy working environment for staff and contractors. Following from our Code and HSE Policy, our HSES MS provides the framework for our approach and is implemented at each stage of a project supported by Occupational Health and Safety Guidance and Standard Operating Procedures. While SOCO had no field activity in 2018 in which we were the operator, we continued to work with our partners in Vietnam where the Hoang Long and Hoan Vu Joint Operating Companies (“HLHVJOC”) continued to maintain an extremely high level of safety.

We have worked to build and contribute to improvements in the safety culture in Vietnam and we are proud of that record of achievement. HSE training, drills, workshops and inspections are conducted on an annual basis to ensure that the zero target is maintained. We are able to share our practices and lessons learned with others in the industry and are contributing to further capacity building.

0LTIs in 24.19 million man hours since the project inception.

Major accident prevention

SOCO has emergency response plans in place for all projects. The plans are communicated to the workforce and response personnel receive training to ensure they are competent to carry out their emergency roles. This is supplemented by periodic refresher training. Drills and training exercises are carried out. On CNV we had 62 Emergency Response Drills and 30 HSE training sessions and on TGT we had 63 Emergency Response Drills and 241 HSE training sessions. We ensure asset integrity and control operations in order to effectively manage all significant risk during all stages of the operations.

We had no Tier 1 or Tier 2 Process Safety Events in 2018. The HLJOC had one minor event take place at the TGT-H5-WHP where one fishing boat tied a rope to the jacket. The standby vessel approached the fishing boat and the fishing boat moved on. We maintain and regularly test procedures to ensure incidents are effectively dealt with and ensure any lessons are learned.

Equal opportunities

Our Code and Policies commit us to providing a workplace free of discrimination where all employees can fulfil their potential based on merit and ability. We value a diverse workforce.

We currently have a team based in our corporate head office in London of 24 staff. In 2018 we had a team of over 10 based in Congo (Brazzaville) and team of three in Vietnam (three additional people seconded into the HLHVJOC). Our size of direct employees facilitates daily direct interaction and multidisciplinary dialogue amongst personnel and Executive Directors.

Local capacity building

We are committed to providing meaningful opportunities for technical cooperation, training and capacity building in host countries.

In Vietnam, as part of the HLHVJOC , we contribute to local capacity building. Out of 110 people, only seven are international staff. In addition, every position that is held by an expatriate staff has a Vietnamese staff member as a deputy, or as the manager. A training levy of $150,000 for each JOC goes into a fund which is ringfenced to support the development of future talent in Vietnam in the industry. HLHVJOC also invests in staff development and training.

While operating in the Congo (Brazzaville), we invested in training and upskilling of employees and ensuring a workplace which met with international standards.


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